Backdrops and Paintings for Sale

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We accept orders from US and Canada only.

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BACKDROPS/PAINTINGS (Some have been used in puppet shows.) US$
B-India-1 Taj Mahal, cloth, 42.5” wide x 31” height, made in India 100
B-India-2 Sikh Temple, cloth, 40.5” w x 36” h, made in India 100
B-Phil-1 Philippine mountains, canvass, 71” w x 43” h 200
B-Phil-2 Philippine indoor/porch, canvass, 71” w x 43” h 200
B-Phil-3 Philippine outdoor market kiosks, canvass, 71” w x 43” h 50
B-Phil-4 Philippine seafood, canvass, 71” x 43” h 50
B-Phil-5 Philippine outdoor/field, handwoven, 46” w x 36” h 30
B-SW-6 Southwest decorations, fabric, 64” w x 39.5” h 10
B-Flowers Garden with yellow backdrop, fabric, 44.5” w x 39” h 10
B-Décor Black & Gold décor with yellow backdrop, fabric, 44” w x 27” h 10
B-Forest Dark forest, cloth, 43” w x 36” h 5


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