Hand (People) Puppets for Donation


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Also check out, Clothes for hand (people) puppets.

From May 22 to June 22, 2017, we are DONATING HAND PUPPETS (ONLY) to non-profit entities (like schools and churches) in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and surrounding areas.  Please pick the puppets you want (Put part No. and description) and email:  puppetnettes@gmail.com.

Ignore prices below.  It is for our records only.  Thanks.


NOTE:  Many have been used in puppet shows.  Watch a few hand puppet shows from youtube: Maria Makiling, Juan Tamad, & First Monkeys)

HP-1 Adam, half body, insert from torso, hand gloves provided, h: 16” 25
HP-2 Maria, half body, insert from torso, hand gloves provided, h: 16” 25
HP-3 Grandpa Elf, full body, h: 24” 25
HP-4 Papa, half body with attached legs, hand gloves provided, h: 36”(full body) 25
HP-8 Juan, half body, h: 16” 20
HP-9 Old fortune teller, opening – back of head, h: 25” 25
HP-22 Chinese couple (sold as set), opening – bottom, h: 12” 10
HP-26 Prince (Folkmanis), full body, opening – back of head, h: 12” 5
HP-27 Baby, pink, half body, opening-bottom, h: 12” (SOLD) 5
HP-28 Afro boy, opening-bottom, h: 15” 10
HP-30 Girl, purple dress, opening-bottom, h: 15” 10
HP-31 Woman, no outfit, opening-bottom, h: 15” 10
HP-32 Cast of the puppet play: Juan Tamad (sold as set) 10
HP-33 Velcro puppets, Set A, with removable eyes, clothes (sold as set) 10
HP-34 Velcro puppets, Set B, with removable eyes, clothes, (sold as set) 10


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