Marionettes (Asians & Others) for Sale

Durga dancer with two sides (orange and black)

ASIAN & Other MARIONETTES (Shipping: $10 for 1 item/set) US$
M-Asian-1 Durga dancers (two faces – one body), Nepalese, height: 16.5”, with a small pamphlet: The Story & Legend of Nava-Durga Dancers of Bhaktapur 30
M-Asian-2 Thai prince, h: 23.5” 30
M-Asian-3 Nepalese, h: 17” 30
M-Asian-4 1 set of marionettes: cast of Ibong Adarna (6 marionettes), average height: 12” (Used in puppet show. See Ibong Adarna on 30
M-Asian-5 Horse, h: 13” 25
M-6 Calavera with red cape, h: 14” 15
M-7 Calavera woman, h: 22” 15
M-8 Alligator, length: 14” 10


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We accept orders from US and Canada only.

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