Marionettes (from Czech Republic) for Sale

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MARIONETTES FROM CZECH REPUBLIC (Shipping:  $10 for 1 item)

Majority of them had been used in live puppet shows.

M-Czech-1 Princess in Pink, height (h): 11” 30
M-Czech-2 Maiden with broken leg, h: 10” 20
M-Czech-3 Girl in white, h: 10” 30
M-Czech-4 Queen in red, h: 10” 30
M-Czech-5 Old Queen in gold, h: 10.5” 30
M-Czech-6 Witch with chipped thumb, h: 11” 20
M-Czech-7 Witch, h: 11” 30
M-Czech-8 King, h: 10.5” 30
M-Czech-9 Prince, gray, h: 11” (We have 2 of this) 30
M-Czech-10 Frenchman in blue, h: 11” 30
M-Czech-11 Merchant with broken leg, h: 10” 20
M-Czech-12 Little boy (black & fuchsia), h: 8.5 30
M-Czech-13 Farm boy, h:10.5” 30
M-Czech-14 Farmer with red hat, h: 10.5” 30
M-Czech-15 Harlequin (with chipped nose), h: 8.5” 20
M-Czech-16 Little boy (black), h: 8.5 30

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