Hand (animal) puppets for Donation


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From May 22 to June 22, 2017, we are DONATING HAND puppets (ONLY) to non-profit entities or organizations (like schools & churches) in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and surrounding areas. Please put Part No. and descriptions below.  Ignore prices.)  Thanks. Please email:  puppetnettes@gmail.com.

We accept orders from the US and Canada only.

HP-5 Bear, Mama, white, opening–back, no hand movements, h: 24” 20
HP-6 Bear, Baby, white, opening-back, no hand movement, h: 20” 15
HP-7 Ostrich, opening-back, h: 34” 20
HP-10 Monkey, white, opening-bottom, h: 17” 10
HP-11 Monkey, black & white, opening–bottom, h: 17” 10
HP-12 Monkey, brown, opening–bottom, h: 17” 10
HP-13 Caterpillar, opening–bottom, h: 16” 10
HP-14 Bumblebee, yellow, opening–bottom, h: 11” 10
HP-15 Dog, white, no hind legs, opening–bottom, h: 24” 10
HP-16 Parrot, red, opening–bottom, h: 14” 10
HP-17 Dragon, green, opening–back, h: 16” 10
HP-18 Dinosaur, orange, opening-chest, h: 10.5” 10
HP-19 Grasshopper, green, hand gloves attached, h: 8” 5
HP-20 Turtle, green, opening – bottom, h: 8” 5
HP-21 Crabs (2), cream, hand gloves attached, h: 8” (sold as set) 10
HP-23 Bird, yellow, opening–bottom, h: 13.5” 10
HP-24 Bird, black, Hawaiian Oo, opening-bottom, h: 9.5 10
HP-25 Wolf, black, opening – bottom, h: 15” 10
HP-29 Chipmunk, h: 10” 5

For more information (including contact information), download: ORDER FORM & LIST.

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