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Tuba & guitar

Additional items:

Tuba and guitar, $10 each.

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We accept orders from the US and Canada only.


MF-Baby Baby room set, 5 items, wood 15
MF-Bathroom Bathroom, 3 items, ceramics 10
MF-Bedroom Bedroom set, Victorian style, 6 items, wood 20
MF-Living Living room set, Chinese style, 11 items, wood 20
MF-Patio Patio set, 7 items 15
MF-Study-1 Study set, Victorian, 7 items, wood 20
MF-Study-2 Study set with globe, Victorian, 7 items, wood 20
MF-Misc-1 Thai house 10
MF-Misc-2 Tea set, Indian, 11 items, brass 15
MF-Misc-3 Kitchen items glued to cupboard 5
MF-MIsc-4 Washer, dryer, sewing machine (sold as set) 10
MF-Misc-5 Laundry basket/mugs, 6 items, ceramics (sold as set) 5
SHIPPING: We will inform you of shipping cost after you choose the items.


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