Promoting Events in Albuquerque

Do you have events you need to promote for FREE in Albuquerque?

First get your info straight:  Before doing this, get your info RIGHT the first time (some editors don’t like amendments to any info.  It takes much of their time. )

WHEN, TIME, WHERE, ADDRESS.  WHAT’S THE EVENT ABOUT and sponsor, contact information.  Description should be in ONE sentence.  Don’t write a long press release or you’re guaranteed to be rejected.  Editors have no time for this.

Print and Web:

Venue (Albuquerque Journal, every Friday) must be submitted 10 days BEFORE event. then click “Add an event”.  If you have any questions, email  NOTE:  You don’t need to have an account to post event.

Life in New Mexico (Albuquerque Journal, every Sunday) in CALENDAR must be submitted ONE MONTH before the event.  Email:  Helen

Posting in Libraries:

Public Library:  Make 20 copies of posters and give them to the Customer Service Office in the Main Library ONE MONTH before your event.  They will distribute to their branches.  They will accommodate only if the event is FREE.

TaLin World Market:


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