Services for Self Published Authors

Services offered in Albuquerque

Copy Editing:

Aggie,, $50/hour (She will assess the number of pages per hour after consultation.)

Aggie’s editing and writing experience spans numerous industries:  She worked for an international publishing company based in Hollywood, first as a freelance writer and, ultimately, as Senior Editor for three of the company’s monthly magazines.  Her editing experience extends to work in a consultant capacity as a writer/editor for a mergers and acquisition partnership supporting their proposals and technical papers. Aggie has collaborated with individuals as co-writer and editor for their biographies and memoirs and has also authored or edited program brochures, scripts, and procedures manuals. NOTE: Tessie has worked with Aggie on different publications for the Filipino community including the book, The Filipino American Experience in New Mexico.

Liz,, $50/hour (She will assess the number of pages per hour after consultation.)

Liz’s marketing communications experience utilizes a variety of marketing tools (public relations, media relations, community relations, advertising, promotions) encompassing diverse industries:  magazine and newspaper publishing, trade associations, high tech, hospitals and assisted living, health care, financial and transit/transportation.  She was an editor for magazine publishing companies in Hollywood and New York City.  Her freelance editing experience includes production of brochures, manuals, ads, newsletters, press kits, press releases, media alerts, advertising copy, and technical reports.

Layouting, Website Building,  Video Editing, & Tutoring


  • Layouting (Formatting in Word): 10 pages = 1 hour at $30/hour. (For example, a 200 paged manuscript, $30 x 20 = $600.)    If you want to learn Word, you can avail of the one-on-one Tutoring (see below).
  • Website building (using WordPress): $40/hr (usually takes 10 hours to build new website with 4 to 7 pages).  Ex.  $40 x 10 hours = $400 (Hours include designing and consulting in person, by phone, or online.) If you want to learn WordPress, you can avail of the one-on-one Tutoring (see below).
  • Creating/Layouting Promotional materials/writing and sending press releases:  $40/hr.
  •  Video Editing: $50/hr.  Example: A 30 minute video clip to be edited to 1 minute “might” take 3 hours.  $50 x  hours = $150.
  • One-on-One Tutoring:  $25/hr (using customer’s computer)
    • Word (ex. layouting and formatting for ebook and print)
  • One-on-One ($30 for 1 1/2 hr) lecture on Self-Publishing at a public library.

NOTE:  We do not provide SOCIAL MEDIA promotional services for self-published authors.

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